Month: July 2019

To Boldly Go

To Boldly Go

To Boldly Go The last year and a half has been an amazing adventure for me and helped me develop my confidence. Being able to start learning again in the great university of life and To Boldly Go… New Role I have approached a Dyslexia Scotland Career advisor. Working on … More???

The Road To Success

The Road to Success

So Many Ideas On the road to success? I am a dyslexic daydreamer since forever. Yes, I dream of being a pop star like Cher standing with my hairbrush. In front of the mirror singing away while doing my housework. Also, I dream of being a great fashion designer. Sitting … More???

Weirdo Rise of The Geek Glasses

Weirdo Rise of The Geek

Admin Tech Geek So, I work in administration not my wisest choice, but I wanted to get into the world of computers. OMG, you’re a geek! People do not understand what joy it gives me to work out on how to learn all these new things in the world of … More???

Positive Wonder Woman

Positive Wonder Woman

Positive Thinking I am a naturally positive person however should this change in the workplace? Of course, it shouldn’t change things. Furthermore, I have read articles about workplaces looking at neurodivergent thinkers as positive. See how successful people such as Whoopi Goldberg are. How can I improve things not only … More???

"If this only helps one person it will have all been worth it"