A Very Dyslexic Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Its December woo hoo! It’s a great time of year, Merry Christmas? don’t tell my lovely partner he is shouting bah humbug!

So why do I like this time of year so much? Easy I can go into my dyslexic creative little bubble, for example, I can go into my kitchen and think up eccentric sausage rolls. Maybe even make turkey ones with sage and onion? Above all, I can make lovely little nibbles to share with family and friends. I think of making gifts, maybe some marzipan fruits? It doesn’t have to be expensive as it is more the thought behind the gift.

However, having said this I have had a few disasters since you cannot get it right all the time. I like looking at everyone’s creative ideas. The elf on the shelf wrapping the Christmas tree in toilet paper, eating all the tunnocks teacakes and also drinking dad’s beer. I stand back and admire everyone’s different ideas on how to decorate a tree.

The Grinch

With this in mind, I have an idea, I think I will get a big cactus for putting our pressies under. Yes, of course, I live with the grinch. He has his friends in the Anti-Christmas Tunes Society A.C.T.S for short. Therefore, I get Michael Bublé out of his cave, put on Now That’s What I Call Christmas for putting up the tree with a festive sherry. I can sing away while trying to make it pleasant for everyone. My partner sits with a big fluffy black hat shouting bah humbug. All the Christmas tunes end up with different words, DOH!

Christmas Lights

I love looking at all the beautiful decorations. As a result, I would love to pad around New York with big trees and lights. Even going to Edinburgh and Glasgow, wandering around all the market stalls you do not usually see is therefore nice. You capture the smells of mulled wine and big mugs of hot chocolate. You can see beautiful winter scenes while being wrapped up like an Eskimo. A photographers dream to capture that moment on camera and show the picture off.
So everyone have a very Merry Creative Christmas and a Happy New Year.

A Dyslexic New Year


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