Apocalyptic Lockdown

Lockdown 101

This is a lockdown, therefore shut down nonessential systems. Staring at pictures of empty streets. It appears that the apocalypse is here. However, it is nothing I imagined it to be. I am looking for Daleks, Zombies and Ghost programs from the Matrix to appear. Where is Chris Hemsworth to save the day? Instead, I am self-isolating indoors watching a crazy series called Tiger King.
So, in a lockdown what do you do stuck indoors? What projects have you put off? Defrost the freezer and clean the oven. However, after doing all these things you think what next while dancing to Spotify. Aha, let’s open a can of beans and find out how many are in a tin. I will go and discuss this with the microwave.

Lockdown Survival Training

I was lucky as Dyslexia Scotland sent me an email asking if I would like to help with a project. Hallelujah! I can yet again avoid my least favourite job of doing the ironing. With this in mind, I emailed back how can I help? An email arrived back saying thank you with all the instructions in pictures. I read over them and think this should not be a problem.
This is also a continuation of a project which I had also been part of last year. It is part of the career services. Its continuing mission to show all the positive things as a dyslexic. My mission, should I choose to accept it? Is to take all the subtitles off the YouTube channel and put it into Microsoft Word. I have enough technical skills now. This should not be difficult.


Now on a project like this, a different setup is needed. My partner is always showing me the benefits of having a dual-screen. Only one issue, I had forgotten the password to his pc. So much for using the big computer. So, I used my problem-solving skills and put my iPad next to my laptop.
Using the instructions giving to me, I found copying all the subtitles into Microsoft Word easy. Since that was easy, why not make life more of a challenge? I would practice what I had learned in my creative writing course. Put it into nice sentences and paragraphs. I must remind you that this whole project has been done by dyslexics, who have many different talents.


So, the study bar was out. Likewise, the speech to text was ready, along with spell check. Of course, I can do this! However, little did I know the challenge I was taking on. As I moved the ruler down, I came across weird words which did not make sense. What on earth was a “dislike please off are”? I will go back and listen to YouTube. Oh, it is a “dyslexic police officer”. So in-between drinking lots of coffee. I moved from Microsoft Word to YouTube trying to correct problems. You would never know about Fort William, or Lothian and Borders.

It was a relief to finally finish the first video. I listened to it on my speech to text. It sounded more like the video. I then sent it off and asked if this is how it was to be presented. I was also thinking I would like to go to the pub after the challenge, but alas they have all shut at present. Good job I had a bottle of wine in the house already.


The feedback I received back was amazing. So, I am working my way through all twelve videos. Some are easier than others. I have no doubt that some of the grammar is incorrect. But, I am improving with the help of the Technology that I have found from Call Scotland. Eventually, when everyone’s allowed out after the lockdown. I can show people the work I have done on this amazing project.


Uncertain Times

On Hold


"If this only helps one person it will have all been worth it"