Cluedo Anyone?

Bored Games – Cluedo – Monopoly – Chess

We are in a pandemic lockdown, therefore, a stressful time for everyone. Furthermore, I read of fear and anxiety about what is going to happen next. However the media and the government are sending out so many mixed messages, it is hard to know if you are playing Cluedo or Monopoly. Therefore please pass go and do not collect your two hundred pounds on your way around. With this in mind, Cluedo anyone? Mrs White has committed a murder in the kitchen with the rope at the weekend. This might even be a game of chess?

Mixed Emotions

People have so many mixed emotions at present. For instance, I could do with some mind-reading skills on how people will react to you. At least I have overcome my fear and anxiety about asking for help as this can be met with a lot of anger at present. If only there had been a letter sent out stating A B C . Please send an email for a repeat prescription so the doctor can sign this off and send to the chemist. Instead of having to face an angry receptionist. Likewise, people wanting to know what will happen for blood tests and important injections. What is happening with my test?

Cluedo the Kitchen

At present everyone on the front line is doing an amazing job. Places like Tesco have made way to aid people with hidden disabilities. It is a small thing to wear a sunflower lanyard. Besides, it reduces fear and anxiety, I know it is frustrating not being able to sequence thoughts. The staff are helpful when you have forgotten to pick up something from your list as you try and head back for it. However, I have lost my way in a one-way aisle again. I saw in LinkedIn Darren Clark taking about a visual list for shopping which would be a great phone app. While this may be true the list I write out is usually left in the kitchen.

Cluedo the Study

I am taking a break from the news to write this blog. Look at Kidsread2kids, Claro software, Dyslexia Test & tips, Someone else contacted me about their software, but it was expensive and a bit complicated. Also, the Wizarding world has made a dyslexic friendly copy of all the Harry Potter books. However, I have no idea where they are selling them.

Thankfully I have all these great resources and websites to look at in this present climate. It reduces my fear and anxiety and the stress of what is going to happen next. Westminster and the Scottish government are sending out two different messages. Think this weekend I will play a game of chance. I am going to set up my tent in the back garden. Will have a pot noodle and sing Kum ba ya. Hopefully, the rain will not be far off with a cloud of midges. I love a weekend break in the wilderness.


The Trials of Dyslexia



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