Dyslexia Bytes Part Deux

A Year On Martin Bloomfield Dyslexia Bytes

It has been about a year since being introduced to Martin through LinkedIn. This was during a quiet period for me. I had finished a project helping Dyslexia Scotland. In fact, I was waiting to find out about completing my training for their helpline. I was also waiting to find out about becoming a student at the Open University. Also, job searching with my support worker at Fair Start Scotland. Hence a 10-minute chat with Martin would not be a problem? Still, I had not realised at the time there was a list of questions that had been prepared. This meant I was chatting for ages. Yes, 10 minutes disappeared on the Zoom call. However, I am surprised we were not cut off! Afterwards, Martin expertly edited this chat. The outtakes are hidden somewhere. In fact, I thought he was going to fall off his chair laughing at one point.

Strength In Friends

Since this point, Martin and I have become friends. This could be because he kept telling me our chat would be released in a couple of weeks. However, weeks turned into months, LOL. Also, he was kind enough to invite me to his Facebook Group Dyslexia Bytes. But I am not sure the group get my bad dyslexic jokes. I was told I could not do poetry because I am dyslexic. So far, I have made 3 jugs and a vase. He has also joined me on Facebook and Twitter. As with all my friends, this also means I send terrible jokes on Messenger.

Support Martin

We all have bad days. And from some of the posts, I have tried to support Martin. On the whole, I have found Martin to be hardworking and forgets about time and about self-care. Also, knowing from my experience that we get engrossed with work and forget to take breaks. Hence, I try and remind him to plan and put work breaks in place. Even tried to help with some of the strategies I have put in place. However, I know everyone is different, and everything which works for me might not work for someone else.


I have also tried to aid with Martins computing disasters. Indeed this means talking to my partner. In fact, I have told Martin many times that my partner provides good technical support.
My partner has supported our friends for ages. I would hand my phone over to my partner to answer Martins queries. It came to the point when I asked my partner anything technical, he would say, “Martin again?”.
After much frustration with Martin losing his work with his dyslexic map. My partner talked to him. There was a problem with the code, and between them, the issues were sorted. Also, my partner loves challenges with coding. I just drive my partner mad; I do silly things such as locking myself out of Microsoft Teams.

Information Flow

I have also ended up helping with a project that Martin is working on. I have tried to give the correct information. Also, the same advice I give to others on the helpline. This can be frustrating at times. I will be sitting late at night, watching one of my favourite movies, e.g. The Matrix. If my partner is out aiding a friend with a project, it would definitely be Dirty Dancing. A message comes through asking for help. However, it is 10 pm, and I need to find the A4 folder full of information for Dyslexia Scotland. Yeah!, okay, I will get back to you tomorrow. It did come to the point where I had to give up. I asked for help and directed Martin to a great person with the correct knowledge.

Cooking Styles

We also share a passion for cooking. We both have completely different styles. I love watching cooking shows and then trying to recreate them. My partner has told me this has made him fat and cuddly. Nobody wants him #itisatrap. Also through the pandemic, I cheer my friends up with Suzy’s Tapas Kitchen. I have had plenty of orders. Unfortunately, my pigeon post is not working. Lost en route.
However, Martin is more experimental! Also more likely to try different flavour combinations. So I am unsure that duck and banana curry works. More likely to do a duck in a Thai red curry sauce with lychees. I would make a bagel with black pepper cream cheese and strawberries, even add a bit of fresh basil. Whereas Martin is likely to add marmite and mustard to this recipe.

Arrange A Meet With Martin

Now that things are opening up, my partner and I hope to arrange a meeting with Martin. I am not sure if he is ready for the complete crazy me! It will be great to catch up. After all, there is the Van Gogh immersive experience where Martins lives. This is something I definitely want to see!


The Pesky OU Student



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