The Pesky OU Student Climbs Out The Cave To Do Christmas

Grinch Time

December already, Grinch Time? Of Course, how did that happen? Totally lost track of time. However, nothing new with this statement. I have been with Wilma hiding in her student cave. Drinking coffee munching biscuits and talking about crime. Waiting on Jim Taggart saying there has been a murder. In the scene from Hot Fuzz, “ it is all for the greater good”. She has been using all the assistive technology she has been issued. The fact Global Autocorrect likes to remind her of all the spelling mistakes while switching on the laptop. You now have spelt 277 words incorrectly. Thank goodness for dragon dictation software.

The subject of crime is fascinating as well as massive. Today’s lesson is brought to you by Flash Harry from St Trinian’s school for girls! However, what is a crime? In fact, a crime is an illegal action or activity for which a person can be pursued by the law. (Oxford dictionary!) Wilma’s telling me to reference and back up statements! Besides, crime is not a simple subject it is a social science. Looking at society and seeing how laws are made. Also, who is society? The state not only has the power to define crime, but It also causes a great many harms. These harms can be greater than many ordinary crimes committed by individuals.

Christmas Grinch Oh Joy

Tis the season to be jolly unless you live with a grinch. You will be thinking of switching on the out of office and having a great time with friends. Get the Michael Bublé Christmas cd out of the cave. Therefore, sing-along ( yeah Wilma’s partner bought her a copy for a quiet life). Wilma loves Christmas. Consequently, sharing food with friends and family. A wee festive mince pie, along with a Christmas amaretto. However, Bah humbug cries the grinch in Wilma’s house!

She has even joined the weird world of TikTok. I say weird as she has a few famous people who follow her weird world. But, why the same person feels they need many accounts to follow someone is strange, it could be me! So, she made a TikTok with the Grinch. In fact, it gave all her friends a good giggle. Especially since he is beginning to resemble Santa. The black fluffy hat saying bah humbug has gone missing. Dobby the house-elf might have it somewhere on TikTok.

A Very Scottish New year

It will not be long till the New Year. As much as Wilma loves Christmas. It is more traditional in Scotland to celebrate the new year. Party time! Also, listen to Billy Connolly and Danny Bhoy about the whole subject! The traditional ceilidh, people with enough alcohol in them to save the titanic! This year Wilma is making stovies to take to her best friend’s house for a party. If we are allowed out to play and not in lockdown again. A traditional dish made with left-over roast beef, boiled with onions, potatoes, and gravy salts. It can also be made with sausages. She made haggis pakora one year which went down well.

The traditional sing-along will be happening to welcome in the new year. The bubble wrap ordered to wrap up Calamity Jane. We will also make sure she has her crash helmet. She is fragile and we do not want to send her to the hospital again.

New Year Resolutions

Wilma will be making her resolutions for the New Year. One of them is passing what she is studying with the Open University. However, next year is beginning to look very busy! Booked in for a talk with Claro writer helper( this can only end in disaster ) I am sure the team at Claro will have a proper laugh. Wilma is also looking forward to becoming an accredited trainer for writer helper. In fact, they are trying to convince Wilma to take up sudoku. Dr Evil shouting “ How about NO”. Yet it will be interesting to see how she can put her mind maps from inspiration in place as part of her essay assignment.

OrCam is planning to have a photo and video session with Wilma. This will be part of their social media group. Indeed, she has already been featured in the good housekeeping magazine. Also, as part of her next year. Wilma is hoping to make some videos of the amazing assistive technology, she uses to aid her dyslexia. She is so excited she could crush a grape! Well, it is time to meet up with friends and enjoy some champagne and oysters! Wilma and I wish you all Merry Christmas and we will talk to you all next year. Grinch included.


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