Okay, this could be me? Also, who remembers going on a holiday? In 2019 when I left my work, I planned a surprise trip for my partner to Krakow in Poland for his birthday in March 2020! In fact, I managed to book the hotel through Skyscanner. However, I did not know how to arrange the plane tickets. So, I asked a friend for help. I thought they would show me. Instead, they were a superstar and booked the plane for me. They also fought like a superstar for the money back due to the pandemic. Little did I know that it was all going to go pear-shaped with a pandemic! When I was in Edinburgh watching the news of the Polish borders shutting down. Bearing in mind, this was the first foreign holiday I had ever booked. Besides my partner has always taken care of this.

Surprise Trip

This holiday was supposed to be a surprise. However, it must be living with someone for 20 years that gave it away. All I did was ask to book the week off for their birthday. Afterwards, I was constantly asked what was up. Nothing, of course! Why are you asking me this? Also, my friends thought this was brilliant. In fact, I had an adult toddler in the house who kept nagging me about their birthday. However, I gave in after five months and told him he was going to Poland for his birthday. He was annoyed and delighted at the same time. I loved the fact that I was taking him to a beautiful place rich in history, and he could do his photography. Annoyed because I would not have planned anything. I would even get lost getting off the plane.


As he did his research, he noticed that Santana was doing a concert! Yeah, he is a total guitar freak, but I can deal with that. He has taught me well! I can tell you that Slash is playing a Gibson Les Paul in November rain! Also, Joe Satriani plays an Ibanez he has styled. Swedish artist Yngwie Malmsteen plays a Fender Stratocaster with a scalloped neck! I need help.

He loved looking up the places to eat in the area. Trying to decide whether to go to Auschwitz was difficult. Such a dark bit of history. Not only for the Jewish community but anything also which did not fit in with the Nazi Regime was sent there.

Holiday Blues

I watched this fall apart two days before flying out. Needless to say. There were plenty of tears and snotters on my part. But, what a disaster for booking my first foreign holiday. I felt I had let my partner down.
After being in lockdown for so long, my partner and I now want to get away for a mini-break. Okay, we do not want to travel far, but places we love are overnight mad. Where has the North 500 appeared from? Also, everyone has taken to camping in our favourite spots. Once nice peaceful campsites we love are now full! Ullapool, Gairloch, Durness. Sitting by the water with a BBQ and being able to sing Kumbaya has become difficult. Being able to sit out and watch the dolphins in peace has become a tourist attraction.

City Break

So, a nice wee city break would be nice. Indeed, if we had planned ahead in January, we would have had a great deal for visiting York. Meet up with my friend Martin down in York would be great. Unfortunately, everyone has made mad prices for visiting. I have friends who booked in January for 3 to 4 nights for £169. Now, this has turned in to £700 onwards. The Scottish person in me that is shouting, you want how much! However, we have a reputation to keep! Drop the 50p, and it hits you on the back of the head as you pick it up.

Done Deal

I am excited to say that we have now found a great deal. Finally, Manchester, here we come. At last, telling friends and family, we have our passports ready for going over the border. In fact, we need to Raid the Scottish Bank Account. Also paying with Scottish money is always fun. Michael McIntyre is correct. Receiving a Royal Bank of Scotland note was like being “handed a dead baby”. Meeting Martin Bloomfield will be fun. My partner worries about the friends I make. He has recently seen dodgyshoes on Instagram, hanging about with the Wombles and Paddington Bear!


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