1st Hurdle

We all have things which challenge us in life. Also, no one said it was going to be easy. As a teenager having nagged my mum for electric blue Adidas running pants, so I looked cool like everyone else at athletics. However, as I watched my friends gracefully glide over hurdles. Similarly, I usually miss judged the whole thing and fell flat on my face as I tried to jump over them. So, dyslexia in a non-dyslexic world you can see the hurdles on the track. It is trying to jump over them without falling that is a challenge. Even sitting listening to people’s opinions on dyslexia, thinking here we go again. I must try a bit harder.

Hurdles Technique

One of the hurdles I had a few years ago was finding out about dyspraxia. Also as I was reading through books, I began to think this was one of my issues along with dyslexia. Furthermore, I knew my sense of direction was rubbish. It takes me a while to work out left and right. It also left me with a fierce determination to overcome some of my challenges. I went to the doctor to discuss this, who sent me to the neurologist. The neurologist then suggested I go and see the occupation health department at work. So, the circle goes around, and you are frustrated because you cannot get an answer. People are suspicious and want the answers in writing.


I found even getting help from Access to work in aiding me with reasonable adjustments messy. It was down to me to sort it out by my work. I sorted out my training to then sort out pricing for software to aid myself. Oh, and as for the equipment after nagging about, you eventually get the decision that you do not really need it. You have managed this long without it. DOH! Should have handed everything to “The Mickey Mouse Club”. In addition Management and HR were not interested.

Relay More Hurdles?

I would have loved to have taken them to a tribunal. However, this also had many hurdles. ACAS gave me permission but filling in the document to do this was near impossible. I did not want to look a fool and asked my union for help. One minute it was not a problem. The next time it was a problem. My mental health was already in a dreadful place. I made the decision to make myself better first. The fight will continue differently. After all, this is a hidden disability and covered under the equality act 2010. When will companies learn that by having a diverse range of people? Supporting dyslexics in a place will bring new innovative ideas to the workplace. This will aid the business to move forward.

Stand Up

Dyslexics are now standing up to say that this is not an intelligence problem. Also, this is a working memory issue, we cannot fix a neurological problem. This is our life. We are only trying to get through life like everyone else. Dyslexics have a few more hurdles to jump or trip over on the journey.


Burn the Witch

What a Weird Year


"If this only helps one person it will have all been worth it"