I can learn Zoinks!

Zoinks 1

Zoinks, after much help and building up my confidence. I enlisted in a course for counselling and psychology. I had lots of friends telling me they thought I would be good at this. So after 27 years, I entered back into the education system. I can tell you I was very nervous, even though I had come out of school with O grades and Highers. Remembering only too well that it was not easy. I then went on to nursing college to study mental health and hey presto I left due to my dyslexia as I could not keep up.

Zoinks 2

So, one of our first topics were our fears! Yes, mine was keeping up with the academic side. I was lucky that I met a talented group who helped and supported me through the entire course. My lecturer was also very helpful and understanding. If I felt I needed some extra time and help on something, they would guide me until I sorted it out and understood. It also meant after many years going back to writing an essay. The word help comes to mind.
Okay now remember there is a beginning a middle and an end. It is also a great help if the spell check has a clue what you are trying to spell. Also, where to put the correct grammar, as no one reads a 900-word sentence.

Zoinks 3

My first essay was 900-1100 words. Everyone else is saying they are well over the word count. I thought I have this about right, Ehhh no you have only written 450 words! Zoinks help me Scooby-Doo but after several failed attempts. I finally got there in the end. After this, of course, I used mind maps to help layout what I wanted to say. I know this does not work for everyone, but I find it helps. Then there is the problem of all the notes, diagrams, and spreadsheets you have taken. If you are like me, they end up in one big pile all muddled up. Then there is also the problem of trying to work out the what word you have written down. The spelling is so bad you cannot remember what you were taking notes on.

Past Present Future

Eventually, the course ended as things do. Jings, Crivens, Help ma Boab! I had to prepare a presentation. Everyone else was doing nice little scripts and reading them to the group. My fear and anxiety heighten as I have no confidence in reading a page aloud. I will lose my way and feel foolish, so I decided to make it up as I went along. This was also a bad idea, so in future, I think I will make wee drawing cards as pointers. The last essay sent left our group chat waiting to hear how we had all done. It felt like years had gone past even though it was only a few weeks. Eventually, an email came through late one night which I found in the morning. I nervously opened my feedback wondering if I had passed. I do not believe it, Success I have passed.

Time for a wee celebration.


To Boldly Go

Mountain to Climb


"If this only helps one person it will have all been worth it"