You have now Left D Matrix

Okay, I am a dyslexic geek with a love of science fiction. It has not been that long since I was unplugged from D Matrix. In effect had I taken the wrong colour of pill? Oh, wow man this is awesome, however, unlike the matrix, I am a smeghead aboard the mining ship red dwarf.

As I head through my new found Spatial awareness, I explore craggy Island and obviously meet interesting people like father Ted. Furthermore, I come across weird science, doors with skulls and crossbones. Ultimately I meet up with Bill and Ted for an excellent adventure.

Nothing is Normal

Nevertheless, the rest of the world is moving along as if nothing has happened. Furthermore, they have not noticed you flushed down the toilet as a reject. While recovering in a pile of goo you start thinking is this the end? Lister turns up with a curry and can of lager so don’t worry about it we can fix this. Then Kryten gets out his ironing board and gives you something nice to wear from the cat’s wardrobe. Of course, everyone ignores Rimmer saying you cannot stay aboard.

Hollywood Matrix Magic

Again with the help of some Hollywood magic, you can turn up in The Matrix to have some fun. Let us all now join hands and sing kumbaya, get sister sledge out of the cupboard and sing we are family. Let’s get into bringing about world peace! With a little help from Dr evils mind control machine. We will help everyone to be nice to each other for the price of one million dollars!

We will find the fairy godmother, and all have our happily ever after!

Moonbase alpha will not have a terrible accident and blown out of orbit. Buck Rodgers, however, will never end up frozen in space and go to earth 500 years later. A world where Captain Kirk, Spock and bones never fight the Klingons? Noooooooo.

No Captain you canny press the reset button !

You must now help Alice in Narina and see if you can correct the problem. The munchkins are waiting for you saying follow the yellow brick road. Frodo hands you a ring saying the burden is too heavy. Which way is the witch to help solve the problem? You are in the labyrinth do you take the road straight to the castle or the long way around!


Oh, I will take the long way around! The crowd give a loud whaling noise and start shouting you’re going the wrong way! You keep going and solve the impossible problems that keep arising. However, you keep hearing that you are mad it cannot get done this way! Once at the finish line you see the puzzled looks on everyone’s faces. People ask you how did you do this? However please explain the theory behind this, Well ehh I just know the answer.

Crash Landing

The next thing you know you have hit the canvas faster than Rocky Balboa! The crowd are shouting boo, however, you persevere and after a few knockdowns, you keep getting back up. The crowd start to cheer you on as you obviously keep going. Before you know it, you get accepted into the Addams family to cause more mayhem.


The Dyslexic Adult

Being Dyslexic


"If this only helps one person it will have all been worth it"