Meddling Pesky OU Student

Meddling First Few Weeks Back

Wilma has been enjoying getting back to student life and meddling. However, after the first year of disasters, she is hoping that this year will be more straightforward. Also, her supportive software is up and running with no issues. Therefore, the only problem is Wilma refreshing her brain on how to use everything. Also, as winter is drawing in, she loves sitting in bed in the morning with her coffee textbooks and OrCam Read.

Wilma has been learning about using her criminological imagination. Besides, I have no doubt she has no problem with this as her imagination can run riot at best! Between learning about complex issues such as graffiti. Is it art, crime, or political resistance? She has also found out more about meddling hackers and decided to have some mischief! She climbed on the mystery machine with Scooby-Doo and the gang to meddle with them.

Social Media Interference

It all began on Twitter! I know this sounds like something from Bridget Jones! A message came through from an international superstar. Furthermore, they thanked her for her love and support and asked how long she had been a fan? A chat proceeded then they said to hang out with her. She installed the app and chatted with the prying person in question. Then a meddlesomeness message came through from Facebook messenger that she was on the wrong app. Wilma needed to install Telegram? Which she did. However, it sounded odd! A nice photo appeared of the same international superstar, and the chat began. She had a few more invitations. So let the fun begin.

Wilma has also noticed a clever trick that hackers use for comments on a celebrity page. The hacker replies with a hangout address and even a phone number. Then hide the comments from the rest of the world. Indeed, Wilma is supposed to be none the wiser that this has happened! Oh, look! There are endless invitations from Keanu Reeves on Instagram.? How many accounts can one person have here? Also, why twice in one day? What are the chances? Messages, saying thanks for your lovely comments on my page. Well, blow my socks off. Cannot remember doing this? Depending on your mood, do you block or start meddling with them?


Now you will notice that Wilma is chatting to the same person on two different platforms. She noticed that the tones of the chat were different. The star trek yellow alert sign is on. She also noted that during one of her conversations, a short video came through. Please can you help with the streaming problem? She recognised the person in question and their manager. It did cause her concern. And how to tell their IT team that there was a breach in their security? Maybe they also watch Criminal minds and will hire Penelope Garcia to rescue them?

Wilma has come up with a few plans of what questions to ask people. One of these was asking about tattoos. Tattoos are very personal to everyone. If a person does not want to tell you the story, then it is because they do not know. The first warning of an imposter! Then they start asking you for favours! Of course, Wilma gets them to take through the whole process. I am dyslexic and don’t know how to do this? Please help? Sorry, what was that instruction? That email is incorrect. Do you want an email to Edinburgh Zoo for Mr Sea Lion? Correct?

Their Meddling Plan

Then the next step in their plan comes along. Please can you help with this IT issue? Of course, what is the issue? Wilma knows well that shutting down systems and rebooting sometimes sorts the problem. No, you do not understand it is this problem. It is a nasty bit of malware that is holding me to ransom Eh, hang on! She looks this up in the background. It is embarrassing. However, they must report this problem to the police! They will not do this, as too mortifying! Hey, Presto. Their IT team have suddenly fixed the problem. Then they start asking Wilma to send them iTunes cards. Say no or wind them up further by having the Tesco club card declined. Decisions, decisions? They then become so annoyed with this that they leave the conversation.

Love Letters

Now Wilma is a massive Graham Norton fan with his potty mouth. He also has brilliant snippets on YouTube of celebrity disasters. The funny fan mail they receive, love letters and strange pictures. It is men who are always attracted to Wilmas Twitter, Instagram and Facebook account. The romance which is promised!? That is a bit quick? Yes, the pictures of red roses look nice. Wilma is not really into red roses, but she tells her friends and shows the pics. The next thing to happen is the love letters. International superstars must get a laugh at these at times! They smoothly ask if Wilma is married. No! I tried it once and did not like it. I am in a great long-term relationship. This comment is ignored!

It begins with you being my beautiful angel! Wilma thinks they either have the vodka goggles on or need to go to Specsavers. Then she was getting the can we be together forever. What?! Can I be a friend? Where are you going with this conversation? Then it happens like Prince Charming out of Shrek! My beautiful angel. I cannot spend a minute without thinking of your beauty! Long for the day, we can meet up. Look forward to the day we are lying side by side. I can look longingly into your beautiful eyes and whisper sweet nothings into your ear. Wilma does not know whether to laugh or vomit. Images of being stalked and ending up as a body somewhere jump to mind. She should give up watching Criminal minds.

Blocking Meddling Snoopers

Wilma is thankful that there are many ways to block these people. She talks about her experiences. I could understand the love letters that freaked her out. Since she is settled and does not want anything to come between herself and her partner. He has been asking if she will fly away at some point. No, he is stuck with her for a bit longer. lol

Be Wary

Wilma has also been blocked by an international superstar on Facebook messenger. She must have freaked them out with psychology! It can be fun trying to get to know your heroes. At the same time, Wilma also realises there are lots of meddling hackers. They are there to prey on vulnerable people who think they are talking to a person they admire. She would like to say everyone be careful. If you are not comfortable with how a conversation is. Go block it.

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