Mountain to Climb

Mountain to Climb

Mountain to climb inspired by one of the tweets I had read by Joe Simpson. It was about the ten rules of writing. I was both mystified and intrigued by what he had said. Now I have read all Joe Simpson’s mountain books as I am an armchair adventurer. I love to imagine the picture and beauty of an area. I build up a picture of what it would be like. He told of things like the use of short sentences. I get that, but he also used words which I don’t have a chance of spelling! The other day I was recommending a steak house to friends. Now they like the most expensive steak found on the menu, I can pronounce it, but spell it no chance! Apparently, spelt, Chateaubriand.


As I am a dyslexic who thinks in pictures, getting grammar and spelling correct is a real struggle. But I love the ideas of describing the warm embers of a fire. The person was watching the black and grey embers while the red, orange, yellow flames licked the wood. The feeling of warmth while toasting the marshmallow for a tasty snack. I can see why people think you are stupid when you look at a menu and ask for a slice of pelican pie instead of pecan. Also remembering what you have been reading. So yet another struggle I had with Joe’s advice on twitter. How do you apply these rules when you don’t remember them? Also, my proof-reading skills are nil!

New Beginnings

For years my mother tried to instil skills into my brain with no luck! So, now using speech to text, dragon and many other dyslexic friendly software. I get my loving partner to proofread and run them through software that helps. I have also attempted this, and it returns as a good read! How to tweak is mission impossible though. I know I can get my message across, but it is a mountain to climb as a dyslexic in a non-dyslexic world. Been told this many times, still struggle. Should I bullet point this? Thank goodness for spell check. It can be a lifesaver at times. I dare to write. I even hope I can publish a book one day. Then again one day I will find the Joe Simpson rules on how to write a book. Still, mystified and intrigued and hope to get it right.


I can learn Zoinks!

Meeting David Yeoman


"If this only helps one person it will have all been worth it"