Moving Forward

Moving Forward

This sounds like a will be bursting into a song! It could be from M people or Abba. Now in phase three of lockdown and good to be moving forward. Great news as I can see my local friends! I keep up with video calls but it’s nice to pop to a friend’s house for a cup of coffee. It is not like I have not been busy over the lockdown period. While studying online I passed my NCFE level two in Equality and Diversity. I am starting with the Open University shortly to study for my degree.

Stop Moving

I am at this point thinking I must be crazy. The fear factor can be overwhelming sometimes. I have been fortunate enough to be keeping up to date with dyslexia support. I have been watching free websters by Claro software on a new writing essays software. This will be very cool when I start my course. Dyslexia Scotland also gave me a chance to go to the Bullet point academy. This has given me plenty to think about how to go about my studies.

Positive Outlook

I never thought I would be studying for a degree. My confidence and low self-esteem kept holding me back. I went back to a course last year and studied counselling and psychotherapy. Being nervous I explained to everyone my thoughts on the academic side. I was fortunate that my tutor was very supportive along with everyone else in my class.

Listen and Learn

I also discovered that writing essays were difficult. Even with colour coding, my notes would end up as a giant mess. I would always get the correct amount of words for my essays. Everyone else would be trying to cut down their word count. I was the opposite way about. I need 900 words shock horror I have only written 450. Panic panic panic. When is the deadline for finishing this? Oh, know I must battle with my spelling as my free version of ginger has run out. At this point, I am ready for throwing my laptop out of a window with frustration.


I passed which gave me a confidence boost. I had proved to myself I could do this. This has also led me to help with Dyslexia Scotland helpline. I have started my training on Zoom. It has also shown me new skills. I am learning how to fill in salesforce sheets. Answering emails as well as guiding people on the phone to the correct help. I have lots of information and trying to find it on my memory stick will prove to be a challenge. I wish I was able to scan through things, but I know once everything sinks in, I will not have a problem.

Slowly Moving Forward

I am myself finding everything is taking me a bit longer. It is frustrating at times there is not the one to one support I need at times. I know where to find help but all the offices are still closed! Trying to fill out all the forms I need for studying. It is not a problem admitting I am dyslexic but going through the student disability forms takes me ages. It is also a long process and what have I misinterpreted? My partner has been supportive. I have also found new ways to cope with my dyslexia. This has benefitted me in aiding others with similar frustrations. I am still moving forward with life. Working out how to manage everything when phase four comes and lockdown is lifted again.


My Dyslexic Guitar

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"If this only helps one person it will have all been worth it"