My Diverse Best Friend

New Year Fun and Shenanigans

This is a hard blog to write. My diverse best friend. The usual fun and laughter at my best friend’s house for the beginning of the year. We were nicknamed Patsy and Eddie from Absolutely Fabulous Bollie Bollie Sweetie Darling. This was due to our mischief we would daft things such as arrange cyber cocktail sessions. What was a bottle of wine between friends such as us, usually empty LOL. Auld lang syne, things were looking up? Everyone was excited about new projects and moving on. Even the new variant of the virus had not put us off. Then just shortly afterwards we received the news that our dear close friend had passed away. It came as a terrible shock to everyone who knew my friend. 

If you had ever come across my friend, you would know about her bright bubbly personality. She would always tell me to be the best I could be! She was always positive, the life and soul of the party and enjoyed life. Tell you to face the crowd and be proud! Shine like a star and love every minute. Amaze people with your skills and perform to the crowd. Oh, the stories of fun and shenanigans could fill books! People would be laughing for hours.


My friend worked in corporate entertainment. She had a great many skills in media, management, was a strong leader, and speaker at many functions. Loved supporting people and doing things differently. She had many great stories. She told me about the time her best friend at work went running across the office. Then proceeded to explain that this person never runs. As she watched in amazement she spotted “Gary tank commander”. Oh, my friend’s hero has entered the office. She would talk about going to functions such as “Woman of influence”. She would call it “ Woman under the influence”, the doors were shut fun and shenanigans began. Along with a few bottles of her favourite champagne.

As a woman as high up in the business world. She needed her personal assistant. Always said she was lost without them. She would be told off when found in the canteen with a bacon roll. When she was supposed to be giving a talk elsewhere. The personal assistant would take care of all the travel plans. The car was just an office full of coffee cups and instant food and clothes while on long journeys. I would always tell her to be careful on long journeys. This also led to a hilarious story. There was at one point while travelling back home on the motorway. Someone kept overtaking her and was flashing rude pictures, she was panicking by the time she arrived home and phoned the police. This led to another friend phoning her up. Please could she go to the police station? The police inspector has found the offending pictures; she was required to identify the “Boabie” in question. 

I was always amazed at all the business contacts she knew. We could not go out without bumping into someone that was in business. She even managed to get my partner a beautiful guitar cake for his 50th birthday. Special days cakes also made her 50th birthday cake. It was very stylish with a bottle of Chanel number 5! One of her favourite perfumes. She gave this to another friend for a special birthday. Who gave me Chanel no 5? That is only for old people! I could not stop laughing.


I was invited to go to my friends 50th birthday party! There are so many wonderful memories. It was my first real girl’s holiday! Fun and shenanigans from start to end. We had her dressed as a fairy for going through the airport! Upon reaching Malaga my friend drank some warm lemonade. This did not agree with her. We watched a river of red wine go down four stories of the car park. As we headed for the taxi to take us to Marbella. I can only hope nobody was at the bottom, it would have been messy. Then needed to rescue the “Dior” sunglasses. It only turned into a comedy sketch with ” I will rescue the Dior’s”! Our drunk hero proceeded to try to leap over a moving barrier. They landed with a loud thud, then ran like the six-million-dollar man in slow motion for the sunglasses. Lucky, they had not hurt themselves. We then arrived at our hotel safely for more hilarity.

Tomar El Sol

As Scottish people, we know how to party! Yes! One of our group is ginger! Plenty of jokes looking after our sensitive friend. Covering them in-factor duffle coat sun cream. Also, hiding them under 30 beach towels. If you ever see a large amount of moving beach towels, it is due to a ginger hiding below. Thus, our friend talked about ginger o clock yet! This is when it is safe for a ginger to go out. When it came to the evening and going out for refreshments, we have ginger sexy time. We were careful to make sure our friend did not turn into looking like a bit of tandoori chicken. However, even with sun factor 30 on I ended up with the tandoori chicken look by the end of the holiday! I can only blame my blue Scottish skin, its usual rains in Scotland We did great things such as go to Sandys’s beach for cocktails and listen to live music. I think we left an impression on the band! They kept saying will the Scottish group shut up! You’re singing the wrong song. The lookie men also made a fortune. Fake designer scarfs, belts, handbags, and purses were purchased. We all haggled hard it was not just one Chanel scarf for 50 euros! We want 2 for 25 euros!


It was the same year of my friends 50th birthday that she came to my rescue! My work had decided that they were going to get rid of me. I had a great time at her party with many other friends. I was dressed for the occasion when finishing work. The Stella McCartney or as my friend said McNaughty handbag and other purchases were worn for the occasion! I did not expect a malicious email to be put out by someone in my company. This email could have easily had me dismissed from the company. I was lucky as they did not follow protocol. They had suspended me on my day off! Thus, more I had Access to work coming in the next day. I was looking to see what could be put in place to aid my dyslexia. Under the law, dyslexia is looked on as a disability and reasonable adjustments were required. Upon telling my friend, she was totally shocked, her jaw dropped to the floor. She went on the phone with our friends. I received the correct help and support in fighting my company. I won my case but was left with a very deep distrust of people around me in my work environment.


My friend always believed in me. She said that one of the best decisions I made was joining Dyslexia Scotland. Even supported me through my early days of writing for Dyslexic Voice. She would sit and listen about all the problems I was having at work. The lack of support from both management and the Human Resources department. Thanks to Dyslexia Scotland help and support I was beginning to achieve things. My workplace never saw this, and no support was offered. Why would I go back to the education system? Everyone is entitled to education it is part of the human rights act. I kept a work diary on all the hassle I received. My departmental manager did nothing but harasses me with emails of everything I had done incorrectly. I should have reasonable adjustments to support my disability under the equality act 2010. Told I was just being difficult. I had a nervous breakdown and could no longer function. Whereas my friend said, “how do I market you?” There is something special here. When I made the decision to leave my work. She fully supported me and said I made the correct decision.

Always Busy

My friend, you would know she was always busy. Busy supporting everyone. She would arrange a bacon roll with you the next day. She would then text me telling me the list of things she had forgotten to do! Whenever she was run down and tired, I would go-round with a curry or tapas and bath bomb. She said I had a very calming influence on herself and would say my partner always gave her lots of wise words. She would always kiss him on the top of his head leaving her lipstick. We all supported her through good and bad times. She had her problems like everyone one else. We have all watched life change a lot over the last few years! We knew there was light at the end of the tunnel. She had found the love of her life. She was so happy. It makes it hard to say goodbye. Bollie Bollie sweetie darling. I will miss our adventures together!


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