My Dyslexic Guitar

Dyslexic Guitar

My dyslexic guitar world. I have known since the day of meeting my partner, he has a great passion. It’s called guitars! No matter where I go in the world my partner can find a guitar shop! I now have a sad life. However, I can tell a Telecaster from a Stratocaster and a Flying V from an Explorer. I also know brands such as Gibson, Jackson, Gretsch, Hofner, Tokai and Ibanez. I even tried to convince my partner to buy a limited Joe Satriani Surfing with the Alien guitar, surprised he said no. Thinking about it now it would have stayed in the guitar case. To be looked at occasionally and being called his precious.


I say this as I was looking through LinkedIn and found an article talking about dyslexia. Moreover, the complex issues which arise from being dyslexic. I quote, “Think of it like you’d think of a set of guitar strings”, “A guitar string can be tuned differently like the brain”.

As over the last few months, my partner has been needing strings for all the guitars in the house. A million different arguments started coming into my head. No guitarist would string up an electric guitar with a set of acoustic strings. A six-string acoustic guitar would not have a set of bass strings. Then there are so many different gauges which are down to the guitarist’s preference. Then there is the complex issue of what genre you prefer to play.


I have friends who play Gibson’s but would not play Ibanez as they have a fast neck in their opinion. Do you need a scalloped neck like Yngwie Malmsteen? Could this be for the classical sound he produces? You would not say that Joe Bonamassa produces the same sound like Billy Gibbons. Even though they are both Blues players. Joe Satriani and Stevie Vai are both Ibanez players but have two different sounds, styles.

Then there is the shape of a guitar. Metallica would look a bit out of place going on stage with a Banjo! You would wonder what was going on if Duelling Banjos, were replaced by an electric guitar. This is how I see dyslexia at times. It can be very clever and work in harmony with everything around it. The other possibility is a disaster waiting to happen. Watch Aussie man reviews epic music fails on YouTube. This is when dyslexia goes so wrong.

Strum It Up

Dyslexia is like going to a dyslexic guitar shop. There is a lot of choices. Coronavirus has saved me from finding how many more guitar shops there are in Scotland. But then again, I like to have a bit of fun. Right how to annoy my partner. Where is the bubble-gum pink guitar? Now I am bored after three hours of looking at them all. Where is the ugliest guitar in the shop? I know at this point my dear partner rolls his eyes and asks if I would like to go for a refreshment. This sounds like a great idea. I have messaged the person in question saying thanks for this thought. I live with a guitar freak. Why am I thinking of this whole argument of dyslexia is like guitars or guitar strings? I now need some serious counselling for thinking the whole thing through!


Dyslexia Bytes

Moving Forward


"If this only helps one person it will have all been worth it"