On Hold

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So as in any modern situation you phone the service required. The service asks you to enter the details. As I am dyslexic this takes several attempts and some swearing might be involved. I keep getting a message “I am sorry this is not recognised”. Eventually, you manage to get through to be instantly put on hold while waiting for the operator. This is where I am at present. A bit through inductions, waiting on training, waiting on my PVG blah blah blah.

As your smartphone is on loudspeaker waiting for the operator. What do you do in the meantime? Talk to friends on Messenger and WhatsApp. Make sure they are okay; do they need anything? Send funny videos we all need a laugh. Check your Facebook page with what is happening around the world. Check the news, answer the phone calls your parents make only to release they still do not know how to use a mobile. A bit of Snapchat, check Instagram and not forgetting Twitter.

Sorry for the Delay

Oh, hang on something is coming through. Sorry for the delay you are in the cue please wait and someone will be with you shortly. Then you do the housework, not that there is much because you have been spring cleaning like a mad person. Open the art kit do some drawing and painting. Open the computer to answer emails, increase your network in LinkedIn. Write a blog, try, and work out how to use a zoom account, look at online learning. Why is everything coming up as administration at present? Not one of my stronger points.

Still on hold, oh dear what can I do now. I will give a bit of D.I.Y a try. This only leads to disaster. I know my partner will tell me off when he arrives back home. The wood filler has not worked you can still see all the holes. It is lovely and sunny project garden? This will help with my fitness and mental welfare. It does not take long before I am fed up fighting with bramble bushes and the ivy which is now out of control.

Option Meltdown – Still On Hold!

The phone is still playing cheesy music, which means I am still on hold. Time for a nice walk and I will pop into the shop for something for the dinner tonight. Everyone is working from home at present and it would be lovely to catch up with them for a cup of tea or coffee. I will wait till this lockdown is over before this happens.

Going a bit stir crazy now. What can I do next? Wait a bit of silence has come through the phone. A voice comes across, we are sorry for the delay you are in the queue and someone will be with you shortly. DOH! Okay, I give in, switch the kettle on and watch Netflix and try again later.


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"If this only helps one person it will have all been worth it"