Uncertain Times


Wow! What a weird couple of weeks. Feeling like I am part of a Zombie Apocalypse, – Minus – The Zombies. Obviously, it’s like watching some sort of soap? The news unfolds, the world shut down. Everything I had lined up, my holiday adventures, training courses and new challenges. One by one shutdown. When will things turn back to some sort of normality is anyone’s guess at present.

In my lifetime I have seen many dramatic things happen over the world. Like I am holding my breath. Everything has gone into slow motion as an invisible warrior invades our world. It is silent and deadly as mother nature intended. People everywhere are in panic mode but there is no dramatic music like “The War Of The Worlds”.

People are being asked to be sensible and stay at home unless it is an emergency. This should not be a problem in today’s modern world, I would think. Then you watch people fighting over toilet rolls! Supermarkets empty at an alarming rate. Thinking why?


In a time where we are more open about mental health issues, indeed helping others who are weak and vulnerable. We also see people lining up to play supermarket sweep? Where did the sense go? We talk about needing food banks to support the poorer people today. Nevertheless, we have gone into overdrive with things we do not need. Where did the madness come from?

I have also found that people are unaware of how many horrible viruses are about. Over the years we have seen lots of them in the news. Our health services are always pushed, especially over the winter periods. The weak and vulnerable are always first on the hit list. But this is on an epic scale. We have also seen throughout history that mother nature requires this from time to time. She might feel it is time to take matters into her own hands.


So, I am self-isolating at present. It is not a hard thing for me as I spend a lot of time on my own. I can be creative, do my homework for my creative writing class. The housework is never finished, cook a bit of DIY and art. I can text friends and face time. Do not get me wrong it is fab being able to go out and meet up with friends and family. To go shopping with a lovely lunch and dinner. Now, it is no big problem as there are lots of people worse off than me.

I hope everyone is staying safe and being sensible. There are a lot of people working behind the scenes to looking after us. Hospitality and Tourism at present are the biggest hit industries among many others. This is going to be a big change world again. Let’s see what happens when everything calms down.

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