The Pesky OU Student in the Weird Dream


Well, January was weird for Wilma. She had made lots of plans for studying with OrCam and Claro writer helper. A quiet month had been planned, thus putting projects into place. Then whoosh the most horrible news arrived! Wilma’s best friend had passed away. She was devasted tears and snotters everywhere, along with boxes of man-size tissues. She keeps clicking the heels of her Dr Martin boots together hoping to wake up from this strange dream. Could it be a weird reality T.V show? Everyone will now wake up and find out it was an alien abduction. Frozen in space only to return 500 years later? No! Wilma felt like she had been hit by a house. It was more painful than being hit by a car.

Also, over this period Wilma has been receiving messages about a parcel. She has no idea what this parcel could be having not ordered anything. It is a complete mystery! The criminology sceptical glasses are on! The emails tell her there is a small shipping charge! Also, what are the address details to ship this to yourself? She checked through proper channels to find they had no record of the parcel in question. So, if you have lost a parcel please get in touch with the royal mail and DPD.

OrCam read

The lovely OrCam team also have been in touch with Wilma. They had an exciting research project for university students at the end of last year. She had reached out to a few people in her network about taking OrCam up with their idea. Wilma loves her OrCam read, so would love to see other dyslexic students enjoy using the OrCam read. She received an email asking if she had heard anything? Wilma was a bit jealous upon receiving the email. The beautiful fairy Lauren began the email with I am sitting in the head office in Israel. Wow not bad for some people. Wilma thought of sunshine while looking out the window at dark inky skies with lots of rain. Hopefully, there will be some news soon.

She has also been working with the OrCam team about her own studies. Please can they have some stats on this year compared to last year? Help my bob, percentages are not Wilma’s strongest points on her course. But, having said this her grades have been improving. Thanks to OrCam she has less tired with all the reading she does for her course.

Wilma is planning to make some videos. Out and about having adventures with an OrCam read. Imagine a day out with Thomas tank engine and OrCam. No, too cheesy better to go to Edinburgh. Thus, head to parliament? It may be a bad idea, last time she visited parliament she set off all the metal detectors! Pesky scaffolding inside her leg from a serious accident. There is also so many great museums and libraries to show the OrCam read. A day out at Waterstones with the dyslexic criminologist would be fun. But a bit creepy with books about serial killers.

Claro writer helper

Wilma’s other favourite assistive technology writer helper has been updated. She went along to the webinar held by Claro software on all the new features added. It is exciting to have inspiration mind maps software to run along with writer helper. Thus, showing how she has planned her essays as part of her work. The excitement of the new features aids with the process of essay writing. The big date came along, and the download was activated. In time for her to submit her new tutor-marked assignment!

What can I say, it was a disaster? She could not get her essay to publish in word. Oh, the frustration shaking her laptop violently (the laptop’s fault of course).

Wilma contacted Stuart at Claro, she stylishly and simply gave a message it’s BROKEN! Stuart nicely messaged back; it has only been launched! How have broken it already? I can see it now, Victor Meldrew coming out with “I don’t believe it” It keeps coming up with this error. The instructions were sent on how to fix the error. Wilma was not having much luck as the error kept appearing. Wilma as always had a backup plan! The laptop was going to be thrown out the window. Meanwhile, Stuart and the development team investigated the issue with the software. Once fixed she has was informed by Stuart “I still hold that if you can’t break a bit of AT, then it cannot be broken! However, Wilma, you’re a legend at breaking AT, or at least bend it to your will!


So, despite all the tears and snotters from the death of her best friend. Wilma has somehow managed to pass both her assignments set in January. Wilma talked to David Robson for a podcast. It will be realised on Spotify called alternative paths. Wilma talks about dyslexia and her blogging journey. Also, student life and helping other dyslexics. She will let people know on social media when this will be realised. She is also looking forward to helping with other projects such as the new kick starter for “Books on the hill”. The only book shop in the world that offers adult books in a dyslexic friendly format. I am sure she will think of an idea to aid this project when launched later in the year.


My Diverse Best Friend

The Pesky OU Student Sceptical Glasses


"If this only helps one person it will have all been worth it"