The Return of The Pesky OU Student

Return of The Pesky OU Student

The Return of the Pesky OU Student Wilma! She passed DD102, an introduction to social science! How I am not quite sure as I thought her brain would explode at one point. Yes, the Open University books have arrived! DD105, an introduction to criminology, will be beginning shortly. She is so excited she could crush a grape. The first year as an OU Student has been a massive learning curve for Wilma. To Be blundering around an academic world and wondering what on earth she is doing? She made many mistakes! The embarrassment of getting things muddled up. Including sending in the wrong assignment. The tutor got a chuckle from this mistake. However, Wilma was informed it was a mistake she would not repeat. The tutor gave her an extension for the electronic submission of the correct essay! Wilma almost died of embarrassment.

Phone Tap

I heard her on the phone to her friend at Dyslexia Scotland about the whole issue. The process of how to organise her studies was a challenge. Learning all the assistive technology to aid her was another challenge. It has been a good challenge as she has new strategies in place in year 2.

Continuous Improvement

Wilma has been busy over the summer. Even though she could have taken a holiday, she decided to keep her continuous improvement plan. Wilma has even done a couple of Open learning courses with the Open University. She is currently working on forensic psychology. It is fascinating! How people can mistake people with facial recognition. Thus, Wilma is watching the innocent project and the outstanding work they are doing. Setting people free after being mistaken for crimes they did not commit. Watching Small town murder was another program that left Wilma with more questions than answers! She is sure the person in jail is innocent and did not commit the crime in question!

Technical Support

Wilma has also been talking with Stuart over at Claro software, reviewing his updates on Claro writer helper. Furthermore, this is such a brilliant bit of software that helps Wilma write her essays. She drives Stuart nuts with the mistakes she makes using the software he has developed. He keeps telling her that one day he will invent something Wilma proof. He has been patient with all the questions and the fact she accidentally breaks things. The Return of the Pesky OU Student Wilma strikes again.


Emails, being sent asking if it works with Dragon. How does this work? I don’t know what I am doing! It’s not working help! Wilma also finds she can use all the guidebooks from the Open University with directions for writing essays. The guidebook advises how many words for essays. What chapters are best for breaking down the enormous task of what information will be best to use. Referencing is still a nightmare and will challenge Wilma over the next term. She can use this information in writer helper by breaking down the tasks for writing her assignments.

Software and Hardware

Wilma has also been improving her studies and reading with her OrCam read. She also has a C-pen. It is good but needs a solid surface to lean on for reading with it. Wilma finds the OrCam read far easier to use. She switches on her OrCam Read, points it to what she wants it to read. The laser technology takes a picture and then listen to the OrCam reading things to her. She even takes it to the shops! Just plugging in her headphones and listen. It can read anything anywhere. It is so helpful towards her dyslexia as she cannot read at speed and keep up with other people. People cannot believe such a bit of assistive technology to be so helpful.

Practice Makes Perfect

Wilma also has been practising with her Dragon. She has two versions of this assistive technology. Version 13 and version 15. A brilliant bit of technology aiding her as she dictates to the computer. In turn typing up her emails, essays, and creative writing. The ability to even take an mp3 and type it up. It has given Wilma better confidence with her studies. As she can now use words, she prefers such as Stradivarius and Chateaubriand. Before, she would have used words she could spell like violin and steak. She can also listen back to what she has dictated to correct mistakes.

Course Opening

The Opening dates will be with Wilma shortly. It is an exciting time! After blundering the first year, Wilma has a better understanding of how to organise her studies and how the assistive technical support will help her pass her course. Soon to be booking all her tutorials shortly and putting everything on her google calendar to aid with deadlines.
Furthermore, knowing to take a bit of extra time to absorb all the information while waiting for her disability student allowance to help and support where she needs it. Such as tutorials to manage areas she has problems. Even things like percentages. It has been a long time since she did this at school. She has also learned of the importance of knowing when to shut the laptop down. Go and do something different such as go out for a walk and listen to Spotify.

The Pesky OU Student is looking forward to the return and keeping everyone up to date with her progress over the year.



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