The Road to Success

So Many Ideas

On the road to success? I am a dyslexic daydreamer since forever. Yes, I dream of being a
pop star like Cher standing with my hairbrush. In front of the mirror singing away while doing my housework. Also, I dream of being a great fashion designer. Sitting and doodling away to help pass the time while feeling very creative.
I am very fortunate to be a great cook and love making tapas for my friends. Note this is while we are sitting with a glass of wine or seven!

Success Drivers

One of my heroes is Richard Branson, he makes success look so easy! This is due to having lots of brilliant people around him to help him achieve the goals which are in his head.
My romantic ideas end up turning into a horror movie. Yes, I get myself ready, miss the big sign saying it’s a trap and end up in an ending written by Stephen King.
So after the big bucket of gulp has fallen out of the sky and covered me. I want to tap my red ruby slippers together and shout there is no place like home and hide under the duvet. I then realise I forgot the ruby slippers and have to stand while everyone is laughing!

But, this has never stopped me! I ended up on the radio twice. The first time was at the Edinburgh Festival for drive time with Simon Mayo and Jo Wiley. I put my name in the hat for the quiz for a laugh never thinking I would be picked. My friend wanted to get me a large glass of wine. So, I knew I would win the badge due to my short-term memory being rubbish.
So, I thought I had had my 15 seconds of fame when I entered a funny story to Heart radio. Invited to talk to Robin Galloway and Adele Cunningham. It was easy using my imagination by describing a past relationship as a bit of broken furniture. I have found with finding a new confidence that people now say wow!

Ongoing Journey

I think the biggest secret to success is being happy with yourself.
This is easier said than done due to your processing. People find you frustrating and difficult. They do not understand what it is they are after to achieve the goal.
I now see why dyslexics either start up their own business or hide in a job which is easy. This is so no one notices the processing difference.
I have decided I am going to get a job with Edna Mode and help her design super suits for super hero’s darling!


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"If this only helps one person it will have all been worth it"