The Trials of Dyslexia

Frustration and The Trials of Dyslexia

The trials of dyslexia are often frustrating. I find sequencing and my short attention span at times the most annoying bit. So, on this lockdown period, I have plenty of time to play with mind maps. At least get ideas together, open the laptop and start writing a book. Of course, I can hear them laughing now. Imagine a dyslexic person thinking of writing a book! Imagine peoples surprise when you say the late Agatha Christie had dyslexia. Yet, she still went onto write a lot of crime novels.

So last night while watching Benidorm. Our fierce leader decided to add a comment to our creative writing group. As a dyslexic writer himself, he had made a comment. He was disappointed he had not reached his word count on his latest Zombie novel. This made me feel better, due to the fact my dyslexic brain keeps convincing me to do other things. It’s a beautiful sunny day why sit in the house? So go out and enjoy the sunshine, dig a bit of the garden. Why do you want to sit in the house? But the sun is out again, go for a nice long walk. Oh, that project needs to be finished, so go and finish it.


I miss our little group. Above all, it is lovely to sit around the table with people who all have different ideas. Finding out the rules of writing our first challenge. Sitting in a room full of dyslexics the subject arises. How do you spell that? There are times my spell check runs away! Therefore, I do not have a clue. I know I could look up the dictionary. However, the working memory issue of which box did I put it while decorating is also a pain.
The whole scary thing about the project is where on earth do, I find one hundred thousand words! Really? I struggle to find two thousand for an essay. Everyone else in my class was saying yeah! This is so easy man. In reality, feeling more like the late great Robin Williams saying oh man I need help! Cartman has exploded with much swearing!

Damn you! The Trials of Dyslexia!


I will take my mind off this. Watch the matrix and draw wonky pictures. Let out the Picasso in me. Do something abstract. Watch a bit of MasterChef and go into the kitchen to be Nick Nairn for the evening. I have started a great many projects with my creative writing. I have kept them safe. This is due to listening back to them on speech to text, thinking what I am I talking about? My brain has wandered off onto a completely different subject. The reality is I cannot remember what I started with, press save and hope I remember later. Then your brain gets muddled up. So very shortly you might find a novel about a dyslexic blonde zombie who craved brians. I will stick with blogging at present. Fewer words needed. Damn you the trials dyslexia!


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