To Boldly Go

To Boldly Go

The last year and a half has been an amazing adventure for me and helped me develop my confidence. Being able to start learning again in the great university of life and To Boldly Go…

New Role

I have approached a Dyslexia Scotland Career advisor. Working on changing my career with all the amazing advice given and areas I need to work on. This also means taking a large step and returning to the education system. This is both exciting and nerve-racking at the same time. My brain has ended up on the star trek enterprise. Captain Kirk is saying we will boldly go! However, Spock is saying is this logical captain? Bones is in sickbay saying you cannot you must not! And above all Scotty in the engine room saying the Dyslexia is in Overload She Cannae take much more of this.

Never Stop Learning

I know I have a large tracking problem and very easily distracted. Thus I have found having a calm peaceful environment is important when studying. This means reading a lot, I might try asking Alexa but for just now I and will stick to books and google. I can be thankful for the amazing support available from Microsoft and Apple. There are many things support dyslexia. Grammarly, Ginger and my favourite Dragon! I know what you are thinking the dragon is something from Harry Potter or the Hobbit. But it is amazing software that lets you talk to the computer. No need for spell check as the words magically pop up on the screen. It will read it back to you and even go to sleep as you go and make yourself a cup of coffee.

So, I have gone shopping and I am now armed with new coloured pens, notepads and confidence to return to studying.
I will boldly go forward and learn….


The Road to Success

I can learn Zoinks!


"If this only helps one person it will have all been worth it"