Weird Reality Show

Weird Reality Show?

I have been watching too much Red Dwarf over the Christmas period. So am I hallucinating and back in some weird reality show? Now gone from Tier 2 when I could meet and talk to friends, then back to Tier 4 and think off a daring escape from the house. However I am currently waiting for 3-2-1, Dusty Bin to jump up and say you have the booby prize! I have also even seen that the new two-pound coin has a four-legged tripod! So how would that be introduced by Richard Burton? The Eve of the War when the Martians land. Gru, also standing in the background saying I asked for a tripod! What is that supposed to be? It looks like a walking cookie.

Grim Reality

I keep wondering if we have left 2020. I keep waking up singing along with the start of Tangled, wondering when my life will begin. Also what a start to a New Year? I usually sit for ages, wondering what to cook for going to my best friend for a great party. Equally important sitting around the kitchen table with fab friends. Also singing along with Dolly Parton and Kenny Rodgers. However, this year I was sitting watching YouTube and Netflix texting everyone.

Weird Reality Show Repeats

I am beginning to feel like Sheldon Cooper going to the same spot in the living room to study. Likewise, I go to the same two shops. It is sad when you think today, I am going to Tesco. Then I can go to Lidl tomorrow. Wash Rinse and Repeat the same walks. However, my main two creative escapes at present are art and cooking. I am missing the rest of the Big Bang Gang. Even the weather is far too cold to meet up outside for a coffee and a chat with friends. Finally, I am missing being able to go somewhere else.

Following The Science

Now in the weird world of studying social science, it is brilliant and fascinating. Moreover, looking at the tapestry of society. What will people make of everything happening now? Also, what will happen in the future? Virtual Job Clubs, Comedy Clubs on Zoom. In fact, I am working on three platforms at present, Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meetings. Of course, the first-time of using Microsoft Teams I got my apps muddled up. Of course, trying to log on with Google Meetings does not work. This meant asking my partner for some help. The usual lecture, I should have checked I had the app. Should have checked the link worked. Blah Blah Blah. I had planned extra time for logging in. However, I still find it hard to find the link for online lectures at the Open University. That was another lecture because I had not set up the app.

Deep House

What else can happen in the big brother house this year? Indeed there could be a plot of kidnapping. In fact, the only problem is people keep giving me back. Something about I am off my trolley! Besides I have lost the trolley and now only travelling along on a set of wheels. At least I am busy with lots to do and afterwards, I will maybe escape the house for a day in the future.


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