Wonder Woman gets Neurodiverse Training

Running Towards Neurodiverse Training

One day Wonder Woman had a terrible accident! She had left her super suit in the washing machine! So, thanks to her dyslexic wiring she made a speedy recovery and went back to work as soon as possible. But unknown to Wonder Woman she hit the wall of Dyslexia in the Workplace! Neurodiverse Training was in the not too distant future.

The wall of Dyslexia in the Workplace!

Neurodiversity in the workplace

After many investigations and personal improvement plans. She found nothing but frustration wonderment and isolation! Furthermore, this made her sad and lonely. Why should she feel detached from the people she loved working with?

But, lucky for her she had joined a superhero called Dyslexia Scotland! Afterwards, many in her group said you can get the help you need with Access to work. Wonder Woman in fact applied! Success Access to Work Suggested some Neurodiverse Training!

Afterwards, Wonder Woman approached Austin Powers about the subject. With the result, he asked her to arrange this new found-thing. Eager to learn she did.

Access to Work Suggested some Neurodiverse Training!

Welcome to Neurodiversity Training

Once Wonder Woman met her trainer! A smart dressed Silver fox with blue mac tells her a lot about the brilliance of being Neurodiverse!

After another very interesting conversation with the Silver Fox. She meets up with her friend Dr Who and continues the conversation over a pint! Discussing the TED Talk Katie Griggs made which helped Richard Branson and other entrepreneurs launch a new charity Made by Dyslexia.

Made By Dyslexia

Dr Who and Wonder Woman ended their conversation. So, is the best half of the world made by dyslexia? And if so the other half is a bunch of weirdos? Wonder Woman learned a lot from the well-dressed silver fox!

She found out she was a visual-spatial learner! She learns holistically and not step by step. Her biggest strength is seeing the big picture!

In the end, she thanked the Silver fox for all his amazing help and teaching her new things and strategies.


She sent the final report to Austin Powers; the Chipmunk and other Ewoks in the management team. To give them a broader spectrum of being neurodiverse and what it can do. It also gives help with the software needed to put her on a level playing field with society!

Wonder woman skipped along the road like Maria von Trapp singing it’s a beautiful life. It’s not to be better than anyone she wants a normal life with dreams which might now come about!

In the end, Dr Who still needs a pencil for his crossword. A clue with 4 letters beginning with C? Brown and Red Cape is not the answer!

But she can learn, just not the way most people think. Stay positive.


A Dyslexic New Year

Positive Wonder Woman


"If this only helps one person it will have all been worth it"