Dekko Comics

What are Dekko Comics?

Dekko Comics are a funded project. Started in November 2018 by a young freelance animation artist called Rossie Stone. He had graduated from the University of Dundee after studying Art. He had a love of drawing cartoons from a young age. In addition, he had been influenced by reading the Beano and the Dandy. Rossie found even going through his degree there was not much in the side of academic exams. Therefore, he could play to his strengths and focus on the art and technique.

Visual Thinking

Children with learning difficulties are more visual thinkers. As a result, the comic has been designed with bright visual characters. This helps children open doors within the education system. It shows visual techniques in which to learn across the board. The comic uses different fonts to enable children to read. Strong visuals such as pizza split into six sections for learning Maths. In addition, this will help a child with a learning difficulty build confidence and self-esteem. It can help to reduce the mental health problems which go hand in hand with having a learning difficulty. It helps children who are struggling within the school to see different ideas. This can help them learn within a conventional system.


Rossie and his small team have been invited to join Comic-Con. However, as it is more an educational comic it has a smaller market. People who arrive at Comic-Con tend to dress as characters from comics such as Marvel and DC. Even films like Star Wars. This doesn’t say that it will not take off in the future, it is just a smaller more specialised market at present. Therefore who knows where these comics will be in ten years? It could have thousands of fans lined up dressed up as their favourite characters from the comic.

Dekko Comics Future

At present Rossie is on tour around Scotland giving classes on the Dekko techniques. As for returning to studying more he has not decided yet. It might happen in the future. However, he is busy building up the business and teaching others. If you have a chance to join in one of his classes, please go. You will find this a fun safe environment in which to learn. Which not only helps you but, it will help a younger generation of the future.



Uncertain Times


"If this only helps one person it will have all been worth it"