Through my neurodiverse training, I have learned a lot about the software you can use for dyslexia. My journey began hearing about Dragon. No, this is not something from Middle Earth or Harry Potter, I know when I heard about this it confused me as well. Dragon is a bit of top software developed for busy executives. Let me explain that Dragon is voice-activated software which can also help others with dyslexia. I bought mine from Amazon and went for the premier package which is more expensive, but I had the extra cash. I also invested in the more expensive headset to Train my Dragon.

First Flight

My partner helped me set it up, and then I put on the headphones and started Training my Dragon. Once the software got used to my voice you could start-up documents, emails, presentations and excel. You can talk to the computer and the words magically pop up on the screen. You can put your Dragon to sleep while making a cup of coffee. It also reads your documents back to you. It is quicker than typing. Also having it read back to you cuts down tracking problems with the readback function.

Landing It

I showed it to my friend, who thought it would benefit me with my work. My friend showed me how to sell it to my boss with pointers to memorise. She also gave me pointers on what to wear, look professional and the do and don’ts of my presentation. I had also printed the official sheets for the software. The company said they would investigate this, but it never came to anything. So, I use it at home to aid myself with emails and writing documents. I know it will help improve my excel skills but have not managed that in the big book dragon for dummies. I have never used PowerPoint but know if I ever have a presentation that my dragon will aid me. So if you have a bit of extra cash I would say invest in this software it’s a great bit of kit.


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"If this only helps one person it will have all been worth it"