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So, it is the start of a new mission. I am now with the Open University. This is going to take time and a lot of studying. It also means as a student, again, I will need to go back to writing essays. Not, one of my strong points. I know this due to my course in Counselling and Psychotherapy. My first essay was to be between 900 and 1100 words. I found this to be a mission. As everyone else was cutting down their word count. I was trying to add to mine.

At this point, I was a bit lost, to be honest. I did not have the experience or the knowledge I have now. I had lost focus on how to break an essay down and make it small chunks which made sense. This essay writing was also different from what I must write for the Open University.

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I have been lucky over the summer period. The team at Claro software allowed me to work with them and try out products. I found the software to be very user friendly. I have also been lucky enough to be on courses with Call Scotland. And used many varieties of software, to aid people with learning differences.

During this time, Claro has also been developing a new bit of software, called “Writing Helper”. This is being created, for dyslexic students like myself.
I was lucky enough to have a zoom meeting with the team at Claro, who showed me how to use this. It showed me how to break the essay down and make sections for what I wanted to talk about. I could copy and paste it into the program for research. I could colour code and move bits around to make more sense. It also showed up in colour if you were plagiarism someone else’s work.
It also showed how you could reference this bit of software and use a bibliography.


I was impressed but needed time to think the whole process through. After all, this was a new way of writing and the whole referencing thing, I was not quite sure. The dyslexic in me also wanted involved with other projects. But I gave them a miss to prepare for when my studies were ready to begin. At this point, the dyslexia awareness week had also arrived. And as luck would have it, Claro was doing another demo of their software.

This was a brilliant reminder of everything the software could help me with my essays. I am now ready for essay number one. No not really if truth be told. I cannot find the free key and have overcomplicated my life by having three accounts with office 365. I will get there in the end and tell you all how my studies are progressing. This is just the beginning.


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