OrCam Read

The Pesky OU Student Takes On An OrCam Read

Once upon a time, a beautiful fairy named Lauren contacted an Open University student. Consequently, the fairy offered the chance to try out an OrCam Read. In fact what a great opportunity. The student had been watching the Darren Clark diary on LinkedIn. Indeed the product looked amazing. Furthermore, the student had started studying social science. So it would be interesting to see how it would help her with dyslexia.

Social Science

Now, as a social scientist. It would be fascinating not only to see how it aids the student’s dyslexia. In addition, it would also be interesting to find out other people’s thoughts on the product. It could also be taken to the headquarters of Dyslexia Scotland. It could also go to Call Scotland for them to check out this brilliant bit of tech. There is even a project with the Salvation Army in Edinburgh. Supporting people with technology. While sitting thinking about all the possibilities. The student realised that there were two problems with this plan. Number one! The whole of Scotland is in Tier 4 and therefore shut down. Everyone is also working from home. Number two! Number one is such an important point it is worth repeating!

The OrCam Read Has Landed

The magical package arrives. The student of course lets Lauren know it has arrived safe and sound. It also looks like an easy piece of technology to set up and use. Watch YouTube videos and read the instructions. I then have a meeting set up in a few days to report on how things are going. However, the first thing to do is to make sure the product is safe. It is a dyspraxia issue. A case of reporting a flying OrCam Read into a cup of coffee was of course not appealing. Also, it is on a loan agreement. It has arrived with its own lanyard. The concentration is immense. The tongue sticking out, it was like trying to thread a needle. A few hours later and many swear words. It is at last attached to the lanyard.

OrCam Read Box

Start Of The Diary

Indeed the student decides to keep a diary of everything she tests the OrCam Read on. The OrCam Read takes a few moments to set up the first time. The magic blue LED lights then come on. In fact, it tells her it is ready to go and how much charge is in the battery. She then points it at the book and takes a photo of what she wants to read. The OrCam Read tells her the picture is wrong. She then turns the camera upside down to resolve. Indeed the technology in this thing is brilliant. It even tells the student if it is upside down.

Initial Trials

So the trials have begun. The OrCam Read comes with two settings. However, the student could not work out how to get the switch. So yet again, back to the instructions and try to find help. She has missed something simple. Surely it cannot be that hard? What had the student overlooked? At this point, the lovely fairy had been struck down with Covid-19. Moreover, the student understood that the fairy was very ill. As many friends had suffered from the same illness.

Some Frustrations

The student was very frustrated. But like many things, there would be a solution. The OrCam Read kept saying it could not read the text. When it did start reading. The student’s tracking issues also began to arrive. Where was it starting? Where was it finishing? It kept telling the student that continuation is cut off and therefore try again. It did not like the bottom of books. The message kept repeating, which the student also found distracting. As she could not react fast enough to switch it off. The student’s frustration consequently grew and grew. It was her damn dyspraxia. Trying to judge the distance was a constant issue.

OrCam Read In The Field

At this point, the student had an appointment at the local NHS hospital. The OrCam Read was taken along in case there were forms to fill in. Proofreading, also not a strong point. Medical terminology is demanding at the best of times. However, the pesky OU student had studied nursing in the past. And knew this to be the case. This would be a great test so she could inform her dyslexic friends in the NHS. This could aid them with their own studies. It would be exciting to find out.

OrCam Read Support

When the fairy felt better, she got in touch with the student. The fairy was indeed very patient, listening to students frustrations! Where does the student send the device back to! Before being buried in a shallow grave in the back garden. Convinced it was not going to work for her issues. She had also spent ages. Trying to go over the Dyslexia Scotland sheet for interview reasonable adjustments. With little success! On the other hand, the fairy showed the student the simple trick of switching the modes on the OrCam Read.

OrCam Read Keyboard

A Revelation

The student agreed to have another try and talk to the fairy the following week. Wow! The student was glad of the fairies advice. It in fact opened a whole new world. Furthermore, it had been the first time that proofreading was possible. Thus the student could go back over information with very little problem. A newfound hope had arisen in the student. So the experimenting started again. She tried it out on her multicoloured books. It could read the text in any colour! She tried it out on her many recipe books. Even tried it out on many fonts. She found the OrCam Read has difficulty reading artful fonts. For example a bit like trying to read some difficult handwriting. It was even a revelation to find the OrCam Read adapts to font sizes. The technology is so clever it has not noticed the font has changed size.

Time To Share

Finally, now the student truly wants to tell the world about this brilliant bit of technology. Oh, hang on, there is still that wee problem of Scotland in Lockdown. Also, it is a bit hard for people to try a product over a Zoom or Microsoft Teams meeting. The covid virus is hiding in the bushes waiting to attack anyone. Therefore the adventures of the pesky OU student will continue. The next time I hope to talk to Darren Clark about his experiences with the OrCam Read. He is an ambassador for the company. Also, this will not be easy due to his busy schedule. There is the point of being a disorganised dyslexic. I do not know how many things I have missed out on through my own disorganisation. At least I can laugh at myself about this point.


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The Pesky OU Student


"If this only helps one person it will have all been worth it"