Self Reflection

One of the many things I have been doing while in lockdown is reflection. This was something I had been taught during my COSCA counselling course. As a result, this has aided me with an understanding of my own anxiety. It has made me self-aware of how this is caused. Highlighting how fragile my mental health was at one point. Knowing if and when to ask for help.

I had been reminded of this recently as my partner was helping me with my laptop. Asking for his help with a brilliant bit of software called Claro software. I could see all the great things you can do with it to aid dyslexia. I emailed Colourfield training on this as they helped with my neurodiverse training. They had shown me the door to the many types of software available and how to use them. I received an email back confirming it was a brilliant bit of software.

Information Overload

As a dyslexic, I love to keep information. After all, I never know when I will need it. Yet, it ends up in little strategic piles all over the house and whenever I need it? You are correct, I have forgotten which pile it is in. To begin with, I find it a minefield trying to organise things. I will argue that I have done the shopping list. It’s here in this in my bag, honest! Then when I go to look for it, I realise I have left it on the kitchen table. So, my partner has started the administration of my emails. As well as coaching me he noticed that everything I thought I had deleted was still in a folder somewhere. Whoopsie!

My partner came across a name and asked where to file the mail for them. It was the tutor of my course. I had been doing some self-reflection on my course work. The fabulous people I have met and supported me. I had told everyone on the course I was dyslexic. Told them I was also a volunteer with Dyslexia Scotland. I knew I always struggled with the quizzes in class as I just couldn’t read fast enough. I also struggled with the long-worded theories which I had to learn. Thank goodness for YouTube. Watching shorts by fabulous people like Dr Brene Brown helped me.

Tapped Out

One day I will have all my emails nicely organised. I will work out the best way I can use Claro software and be able to write about it. However, this will not be today as the weather is far too nice. Therefore, I am going to sunbathe in the back garden. Put on some nice music and pretend I am people-watching in Madrid with some lovely tapas.



Dyslexia Bytes


"If this only helps one person it will have all been worth it"