Total Zoomer Man

I have become a Total Zoomer. So what? This is a bit of software keeping everyone in touch at present. If you live in Scotland like me, a Zoomer is a person of an erratic disposition. Something I have been called many times. Yes, Nuttier than a bar of Cadbury’s Whole Nut. When lockdown started, a friend told us about having a family Zoom meeting. They said we should join them one evening on Zoom. My partner thought this was a great idea. However, I was sitting thinking about what is a Zoom meeting.
My partner had already installed this to his own laptop. Well ahead of me with added virtual backgrounds. Cheering us all up with photos of himself in Neptune’s bar from the program Benidorm. Having a pint with Jack, Victor, and Isa in the Clansman from Still Game. He even decided to be a Stormtrooper one evening.

Further into Lockdown

As we were going further into lockdown my partner installed Zoom for me. I researched and looked at it in my spare time. I don’t know what I am doing yet but my creative writing class are talking about having more meetings on Zoom.

My partner decided to give me a practice run as he had already used Zoom with his work. He assured me it was easy. A five-year-old can use Zoom. So, my first test run takes me fifteen minutes to join. Really? Totally confused! My dear partner kept calling me a goat but coached me through it as he does normally. Lucky for me the Zoom creative writing class didn’t go ahead. I then received an email from Dyslexia Scotland to join the volunteer meeting. I was starting an induction to help with telephone counselling. Answering people’s questions on dyslexia. Then Covid-19 came into our lives.

I update my calendar so as not to forget. I look at the settings and give myself a nice beach background. Now I am ready, Mmm. I type in the number wrong a few times, but then eventually I get through. I start seeing all the familiar faces I know pop up on the screen. We are all chatting away and before you know it. The screen says your time is up and very rudely cuts everyone off before saying goodbye. The next meeting, I had was smoother as it was the Dyslexia Scotland conference Zoom.

More Zoom, Whit?

The next thing I know I was invited to a meeting on LinkedIn. This was being held by Darren Clark who runs Global Dyslexia. As a dyslexic, he would like to share his story. I knew this would be very interesting. Scottish and English education systems are very different.

The story of dyslexia is very familiar. The elephant in the room struggling to understand. The mental health issues which are so interconnected with dyslexia. As everyone perceives you to be stupid. The phoenix rising from the ashes to have a very successful career. All due to dyslexic processing. Then going onto influence other people about dyslexia. Through sharing his own story as a public speaker. I learned a lot that afternoon and became more confident with Zoom as well. I can turn off the sound and the camera and go make myself a cup of coffee.

My next meeting coming up is run by Iain McKinnon published author of Remains of the Dead. This will be on creative writing, the use of social media and dyslexia. I know I will still struggle to join meetings, but they are brilliant. I am on my way to becoming a Total Zoomer in more than one way.


Cluedo Anyone?



"If this only helps one person it will have all been worth it"