Assignment End Of Year Two For The Pesky OU Student

EMA Time

Well, what can I say Oor Wilma is in a mess? The big end of the module assignment is coming up. It was not all that long ago she began learning about Criminology. The time has flown past. Thus, she is gathering everything she has learned since October. This assignment is no small task and Wilma is setting about planning the structure as we speak. Wilma also must reflect on using her criminological imagination. She has come up with a cunning plan! She will talk about burying someone under a hut. It could also be she is the one who is murdered and ends up in a wheelie bin. She must give up watching criminal minds.
It is fabulous that people are approaching Wilma to try out new things. The most recent is Lexable for trying out Global tasks. Now Wilma has a lot of strategies in place to aid her dyslexia. This is another new strategy to try out. It involves how she plans everything. Breaking everything into manageable chunks. It will also aid everyday life. Such as putting the shopping list on her phone, No more leaving the list in the house after writing it out. I am sure Wilma will have something worked out by the return to her studies in October. Wilma has also still compared and contrasted the OrCam read to the OrCam learn. She was also invited to do a talk with Texthelp at DSA connect. Oh, not to forget Prince Charming trying to scam her.

OrCam Learn

Wilma after many swear words and told Lauren that the OrCam learn was being buried in the garden. I am glad to tell you the device is now up and running. So, the compare and contrast experiments have begun. So, one of the noticeable differences is when you switch the OrCam learn on. It tells you it is ready, there is no telling you what version or how much charge it has left. It does tell you when the charge is at 20% and you might want to put it on charge. Since the OrCam learn is connected to the Wi-Fi it will also automatically update itself. This was an issue Wilma found with the read as she did not know if it needed an update. The read was also harder to connect to the Wi-Fi.
So, the learn has all the usual features and will read on any surface. One of the things Wilma has found interesting is the change with the single word feature. When Wilma changed the OrCam read it would still read the whole text back to Wilma. It made it handy while in the supermarket for finding foods you are allergic to such as nuts. The OrCam learn has a bit of difficulty with tins. But, Wilma has not been back to the supermarket with the device since updating it. The learn also reads blocks of writing much better than the read. The laser technology has been improved as well as a new voice which is clearer and brighter. The learn does not sound like it is going in the huff when you shut it down. LOL

DSA Connect

Wilma felt privileged when Texthelp emailed. They asked her if she would not mind doing a wee talk for the up-and-coming DSA connect. Lord Chris Holmes was to be a key speaker. About his research into disability student allowance. The DSA is a great service. But, it needs help reaching people who will benefit to aid their education. It was a question put to the students who participated in recordings. Wilma’s answer to this was that Schools could do a lot more to aid with the transition to further education. They could give helpful advice on learning support within further education. Also giving helpful advice about having their educational psychology assessment in place. To aid with reasonable adjustments under the equality act of 2010.
The team at Claro said here comes Wilma! The last student talked for the session. Upon asking Wilma about the support at school. She replied that there was no assistive technology around to support dyslexia. The internet had not been invented when Wilma was at school. She also had everyone laughing at the end. when asked what her plans were after her degree. Well, Bob that is four years away, I am planning to get to the end of next week.

Writer Helper

So, it is the last assignment for this year, thus the trusty writer helper is back. Now let’s make a mind map and get the ideas of the keywords from the question. After working this out in writer helper transfer into inspiration mind maps, simples. It did Wilma a bit to get used to as the instructions are about exporting from an iPad. So, you can guess Wilma has had a few mishaps. I will colour code that part of my mind map. Whoopsies! the who mind map has just changed the who thing! How do I sort that one out?
Now from the last assignment, she had asked Stuart at Claro how to transfer the mind map from inspiration back into writer helper. Which she did and it looked okay but incomplete. But, she had all her notes colour coded. So, transfer everything into what she wanted to say in the assignment. Then the day before submitting the assignment, Wilma decided to tidy it up and you guessed correctly! Poof, she deleted two-thirds of it, the air was thick with swear words! Yet again it was all the laptops’ faults.

After a walk, she went back to the assignment, thank goodness for Dragon dictation software. She had the assignment sent off on the correct date. So, this time Wilma followed the instructions of transferring her mind map into writer helper and looked in dismay. That did not go to plan. Stuart received a message! Help! Help! damsel in distress. Most of my mind map has been missing from the writer helper! Stuart had a quick look and told her how to fix the problem. There her assignment is now back on track.

Prince Charming

Oh yeah, back to the last scammer Wilma had hanging out. She nicked named him Prince Charming and was worth watching. It all started with her favourite can you get me a google stream card. She kept asking what it was and where to get it? The shops my beloved, well that is helpful information! Then the next thing she knows he tries to phone her late one night. Wilma was not sure as she ended up chasing a dot around her iPad. Could she possibly have bumped into an international superstar? Hmmm until the next day when she received a message. It was could she help! The prince’s mother was in hospital and scammers had locked them out of their bank account. Please can you lend me some money and I will pay you back! What is going on here? Wilma told Prince charming that the hospital was the best place for his mother who is sick. No, she was not lending him any money.
There was a period when Prince charming was very quiet with Wilma. Then one day he came back saying he was disappointed Wilma did not help him out. She replied! true friends look for emotional support for loved ones in hospital, not financial. Thus, he decided to set Wilma a new challenge. She had to find them a nice home when he came to the UK. So, Wilma decided to try and break down the challenge into bite-size chunks. England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland? Old or New build? City or country? How many bedrooms? What price? The reply was to find a house. She looked up some lovely Penthouses across England. All around one million pounds. She has not heard from him since! I am not sure why! LOL


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