The Pesky OU Student Sceptical Glasses

the pesky ou student sceptical glasses

Time Flies

Well, I have managed to catch up with Wilma the pesky ou student. The magic carpet she was sitting on has crash-landed in my sitting room. I settled her with a cup of coffee and a bit of chocolate cake and recorded her adventures. She has been busy as always. Between going on a short city break with her grumpy partner. Trying out a new prototype for OrCam. The daft things usually happen in her life. Not forgetting her social experiments with those pesky scammers!

iPad Problems

A while ago, Wilma’s partner treated her to an iPad. When out and about, she could record some weird and wonderful ideas. Thus, her creative thinking would not be forgotten. As her partner was on holiday for a wee while, adventures would be in progress. So, while out Wilma decided to add new apps to her pad. It might have been helpful if she had not locked herself out of her iPad. You are correct to think she forgot the password. This did not surprise grumpy, he looked at her with despair and shook his head. He called her a goat several times.

Wilma thought it would be a great new way to talk to all her friends. Yet, there was a flaw in her plan. Apple has not got native WhatsApp for the iPad. So, she can’t annoy her friends with lovely refreshments she is enjoying, while out and about. Wilma had managed to plan an exciting day of learning about assistive technology. Wilma’s partner being a geek, was also booked in. She knows how to have fun LOL.


Thus, bringing Wilma on to talk about the new prototype she is trying out for OrCam. It is called an OrCam learn. After talking to Lauren about the new prototype. Wilma looked forward to trying the new device. It would be a different colour, thus meaning she would not get them muddled up, upon the time she needed to return it. A beta tester is finding faults with the product before going on the market. Nobody would board a plane that has not been tested first. The message had been delivered when this parcel would arrive. She tracked it on her phone and let Lauren know the next day the device had been delivered.

Wilma opened the package on delivery to make sure nothing was damaged. As a prototype, it has come looking the same as the OrCam read. So, the only way to distinguish them apart is through the buttons at the top. Wilma switched it on to hear what it has to say to her. The voice is a lot clearer and brighter than the read. It also tells her welcome to OrCam learn, let’s get started. How cool! Now take a photo of the Q.R code on the box with your smartphone and connect. Wilma looks around the box, where is the Q.R code?

Lauren kindly sent Wilma all the information along with a zoom meeting to get the device started. Yes, you guessed it the device did not want to play. It keeps telling Wilma welcome to OrCam learn! Let’s get started. She has the idea of making a shallow grave in the garden. At present, she is working with the team to get around the issue and improve things in the future.

The Pesky Scammers Are Back

As we all know Wilma has been experimenting on and off with those pesky scammers. People putting on their official pages beware of scammers! Do not accept any invitations. This person does not do google chat etc. A famous person’s official page will have a blue tick along the side. Any social media platform will have this blue tick, so you know it is official. Wilma is finding all her main invitations in the weird world of Tik Tok. Famous people ask do you want to be my friend? Wilma always invites them to hang out with herself. So, making it easier to check if an email address is fake or genuine. She can also check WhatsApp numbers. This is harder as every state in America has dozens of different codes. So, she would recommend going with asking for an email address.

Wilma has begun to recognise patterns with these pesky scammers when talking to her. They always ask where she is living. That is easily the most beautiful place in the world! Then you get you should know I barely speak with fans! So, you are recommended to keep the conversation secret at all times. This is to prevent every form of discretion or the press’s miss information from being leaked. No problem, I will be your friend. After talking for a couple of days the superstar will always look for a favour. Please can you…?

Scammers Pesky Favourites

My favourite one is looking for google stream cards. They might want you to write an email, collect some jewels, and send you a parcel. Even lend them money as malware has locked them out? They will convince you that they love you. If you do what they ask you will be together at the end. Jump on the back of their purple unicorn which farts rainbows and all your dreams will come true! Really? Wilma has sceptical glasses on!? Heard weird and wonderful stories. Please can you go to my lawyer? I have fallen out with my old manager. This usually causes an argument as the scammer tries to convince Wilma. Wilma gets bored and eventually blocks the person. Now she has a clever one that does not fit the profile. Real out of the box thinker! She will let everyone know how to catch this one out.


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